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I am an experienced marketing and design professional with experience in traditional and digital marketing and communications.


Marketing strategies using a combination of Content Marketing and Account-Based Marketing to get the message across to target markets.

Graphic Design

A range of print media created with Adobe Creative Suite designed to be visually appealing and professional.

Web Design

Websites designed with WordPress to take advantage of its builtin SEO properties and ease at which it can be updated and modified.


Lana Hood

During my career journey, I’ve worked hard to develop a range of skills that compliment each other, including IT, Web Design, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

Professionally, I’m committed to learning and developing new skills to ensure a high standard across all areas of activity. I set high standards for myself, and my work, to enable continued growth.

1000 Words in a Picture

1000 Words in a Picture As our lives become busier and more time constrained, there are common pleasures that we now have less time for.


Website Basics for Better SEO

The best time to start thinking about SEO is about the same time you decide you need a website … in fact it’s a must