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Personalised Service … the standard we’ve set

An article written for Fuelco as part of a marketing strategy focused on customer service.

In a world where brand domination has become key to success have we actually forgotten about our customer?

I recently read an article which resonated with me on a professional level, and in particular the phrase, “If you want customers to love your brand, you have to learn to love your customer first.”

From the perspective of a business owner I see this as crucial to ensuring our customer has a unique and personalised service experience that brings them back time and time again; not just for our business … but theirs too.

Taking ownership of “their” business allows us to provide the products and services necessary for “their” success.

With this in mind, the Fuelco team approaches each customer interaction with the goal of finding a solution specific to their needs. Rather than trying to make the customer fit the product … we look for a solution where the product is customised to suit the customer.

Over the past years since inception, Fuelco has implemented a range of services designed to give our customers a personalised and exceptional buying experience. This includes the engagement of our own engineering team to ensure our customers are supported with facility design and the turnkey systems we deliver are practical and suited to the needs of an individual customer.

More recently, we have partnered with a specialist in the field of fuel cleanliness to provide our customers with tank and fuel cleaning services to ensure fuel remains clean by removing water and contaminants. The majority of diesel engine failures can be directly attributed to poor fuel quality. Contaminated diesel can cause blocked fuel filters, premature fuel pump failures, damage to injectors … resulting in lost time, and lost revenue.

Fuelco can facilitate the cleaning of contaminated fuel, including water and algae removal, from your bulk storage tank. We provide specialist services in the refurbishment and reclamation of contaminated diesel fuel, even in difficult to access bulk storage tanks.

In addition to this, Fuelco has a maintenance and servicing team who are available to service tanks and dispensing equipment to ensure they’re operating to maximum capacity. Our team has the expertise to recondition bowsers which can often be a cost saving to our customers in the fuel distribution industry.

In line with our commitment in providing personal and attentive customer service, we are fortunate to have on board Marnie Stewart as our Sales Operations Manager. Marnie comes with eleven years of experience in the fuel storage industry and knows what is required to deliver customer service that is second to none.  Marnie’s approach to order management is simple … answer the questions before they are asked to ensure functions such as invoicing, production schedules and product delivery exceed customer expectations.

“I am a firm believer in sticking with what works and for me that is providing customer service that is personal and attentive. I have resisted being dictated to by a world where technology has changed the way companies communicate with their customers,” states Marnie.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss our full capability or some of the other services we provide to ensure our customers receive a personalised service specific to their individual needs.



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