Design | Print

I am proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite for the preparation of marketing material. I use a simplistic approach in that the information is presented in a visually appealing way without unnecessary elements that detract from the overall message.

Design | Web

When building websites I prefer the use of WordPress due to its builtin SEO properties and ease at which it can be updated and modified. Whilst I have HTML and CSS knowledge, I find WordPress more adaptable in the development of websites.

Wordpress combined with Woocommerce, is ideal for building cost-effective online stores for small businesses with limited resources. It also means the website is suitable for viewing across multiple platforms including mobile technology.

Marketing | Strategies

The overall marketing strategies I use are a combination of Content Marketing and Account-Based Marketing to get the message across to target markets. I find these two strategies combined give the best results when it comes to brand awareness and sales leads.

I combine this with a people-focused strategy because I see the people within a company as just as important as the products … without dedicated people, products may not be of a high quality or delivered on time or to client specifications.

Marketing | Social Media

Whilst Social Media isn’t always the best platform to get your message across … depending on your target market … it can be used to increase brand awareness and ensure your website is at the top of Google search results.

A well managed Social Media persona can bring personality and interest to your business in a world where standing out is imperative.

LinkedIn is a tool I use regularly for professional networking and to increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies.